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Operating since 1992, when the complete brewery was transported from a medieval village in Bavaria and re-erected in the Perth Hills by German Master Brewer Horst Kempf. The Brewery uses a traditional method of Brewing according to the standard of the German law “REINHEITS GEBOT”. This purity of Bavaria in 1516 was designed to protect potential customers from beers made from bizarre ingredients.

The Last Drop Brewery is proud to adhere to this law to deliver the best possible product. We only use the finest yeast imported from Weihen Stephen University Yeast Bank in Bavaria.This is propagated and maintained by our brewer Jan Bruckner, trained in Czechoslavkia.

The Last Drop Brewery distributes our premium grade German Draft Beers and Wort to the Last Drop Pub & Brewery in Canning Vale where the yeast is added for fermentation in the 2,400 litre tanks. Judges have awarded Last Drop Brewery beers top honours.

“ A Pure Beer for a Wicked World”